Jupiter - One o Six (A.N.D.Y. Remix)

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THE MAIN INGREDIENT - Everybody Plays the Fool

45 rpm Single

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are you unloved - years


Spiegel im Spiegel  |  Arvo Pärt

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Ain’t No Sunshine When She’s Gone - Bill Withers


“Seed of Memory” - Terry Reid

 this song has a place in my heart.

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Weezer “Only In Dreams”

you can’t resist her

she’s in your bones

she is your marrow

and your ride home

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I’m counting, on my love
I’m leaving my home
On my own I, will travel
To somewhere, I’m unknown
But where I will find you,
I’ll find you there
This has been my home,
but now I don’t belong here

Oh, it’s been such a long time
One day soon you will be mine.

And I’ll know you, when I find you
By the colors, that you’ll wear
And the sound, the sound of
your voice
It will sing, to my ears

Oh, it’s been such a long time
One day soon you will be mine.

This song represents my outlook on love and my life right now. I’ve left the home I knew to find myself and create my own. I hope that I won’t find myself the only occupant there.

Someday will be one day and one day will be today and the life I dream of will transform into my reality. Hopefully sooner than later:)!


~~Acoustic Imagery~~

 ive been listening to this song frequently since i discovered it yesterday.


People As Places As People by Modest Mouse

 this song is unfortunately my life in alot of aspects.

"and the people you loved but you didnt quite know, they are the places you wanted to go"

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can anyone recomend me some eerie and hauntingly beautiful 50’s and 60’s  sounding music that sounds a bit grainy?


Passion Pit / Sleepy Head

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Plumtree - Only In The Movies

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Dick and Deedee - The Mountains High

Day 15 - put your MP3 player on Random. 1st 10 songs that play

1) new romantic - Laura Marling

2) the cruel mother - Steeleye Span

3)Brass in Pocket - The Pretenders

4)Shankill Butchers - The Decemberists

5)Supertheory of Supereverything - Golgol Bordello

6)Khomei - Okna Tshan Zam

7)The Dark Eyed Sailor - Steeleye Span

8)Breathing - Kate Bush

9) Davour Chalzen - Okna Tsahan Zam

10)White Rabbit - Jefferson Airplane

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